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Where dance isn't just a move; it's a journey to empowerment.

Discover a groundbreaking collaboration that bridges the world of Salsation Fitness with educational studies. Join us as we unlock new avenues for physical well-being, self-confidence, and holistic development through the power of dance.
Experience the Salsation Educational Revolution:

🤸 Empowering Bodies: Witness the transformation as fitness meets education, empowering individuals of all ages to reach new heights in physical health.

🧠 Nurturing Minds: Dive into the synergy between Salsation and educational studies, where movement enhances cognitive development, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

🌟 Unleashing Potential: Explore how dance-based exercise can unlock hidden talents and boost self-confidence, setting the stage for lifelong success.

🌐 Join the Movement: Be part of this exciting journey that fuses the art of dance with the science of education.

Unlock the future of holistic well-being through the Salsation Fitness and Educational Studies collaboration.

Elevate Your Teaching Skills with Salsation Fitness and Stay Cool Continuing Education

Welcome to a groundbreaking collaboration between Salsation Fitness and Stay Cool! Our Continuing Education program is designed to empower you as an instructor, equipping you with essential skills to take your classes to the next level. Join us on this journey of growth and transformation.

What You Will Learn
  • Effective Communication
    Master the Art of Expression: Hone your ability to communicate effectively, not only with words but through movement.
    Connect Deeper: Learn to connect with your students on a profound level, creating a supportive and motivating atmosphere in your classes.
  • Group Leadership
    Lead with Confidence: Develop strong leadership skills to guide your classes with authority and enthusiasm.
    Inspire, Motivate, and Empower: Discover strategies to inspire and motivate your students, ensuring they get the most out of every session.
  • Understanding Child Development
    Unlock the Potential: Gain a deep understanding of the developmental stages of your students, tailoring your approach to their unique needs.
    Nurture Growth: Foster an environment that nurtures their development and leaves a lasting impact. YOU can change their World.
  • Tools and Skills for Improvement
    Continuous Growth: Embrace lifelong learning through our comprehensive toolkit and training resources.
  • Better Results for You and Your Classes
    Empower Your Students: Witness the transformation of your students as they thrive under your guidance.
    Raise the Bar: Elevate the quality of your classes, making them a standout experience for all participants.
  • Being a Role Model
    Walk the Talk: Lead by example and become the role model your students look up to.
    Inspire Excellence: Your commitment to personal and professional growth will inspire those around you.

Course Details

With this course, you'll receive:
  • 66 Lessons: Enjoy a total of 278 minutes of concentrated content, spread over a period of 7 modules (you have 3 months to complete them and receave an official participation confirmation).
  • 1-Year Access to Course Material: Deepen your understanding at your own pace with access to the course material for 1 year, and receive all the updates.
  • Workbook: A valuable aid in your learning process.
  • 2 Live Online Sessions: Get your questions answered directly during these interactive sessions.

Join Us Today:

Are you ready to take your teaching skills to new heights? Don't miss this opportunity to invest in yourself and your career. Join our Continuing Education program and become the instructor you've always aspired to be.

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Unlock your potential with Salsation Fitness and Stay Cool Continuing Education.
Start your journey today.
About Natalia Fuchs

My name is Natalia Fuchs, and my journey began in the warm and wonderful country of Mexico. Today, I reside in Berlin with my husband and our two enchanting daughters.

 I am not just an educator; I am also a certified fitness trainer and a children and youth resilience coach. For over a decade, I have dedicated myself to various educational contexts and the realms of dance and fitness.

 The inception of my company, "Bleib Cool die Resilienz Akademie," was rooted in a profound concern that gripped me as a mother: How can I best prepare my children for the demands of this world? How can I assist them in growing into loving, confident, strong, and independent adults? However, I can now assure you that this concern is a thing of the past. The trainings, methods, and objectives of "Stay Cool" have shown me that achieving these goals is possible through simple exercises and proven methodologies.

 My mission is clearly defined: We aim to strengthen self-confidence and convey the significance of self-love within a healthy context. We aim to empower children and families, enabling them to face a bright future. Because every child deserves to grow up with a strong inner foundation, and every one of us deserves to value and love ourselves.

"Stay Cool" is our platform to realize this vision and support families on their journey. Until now, we have worked with 25,111 people, and we continue to impact 200 more every week. We look forward to accompanying you on this path, as we firmly believe that each and every individual is deserving of unlocking their full potential.

Natalia gave everything from the first minute to the last: motivated, confident, clear, precise, competent, laughing, lively, dancing...

Phase changes, movement breaks, role plays, tunnels of happiness, dream journeys, mantras... You touched my heart!

Teacher Jasmin

The program is structured logically and follows a common thread. The phase changes between rest, activation and content were very balanced. This helped the children to keep their minds on track.

social worker

Today a child came to me and say: “Mrs. Wolf, I had to cry before going to sleep.” “Why?” “Because it was so beautiful yesterday!”

Thanks for everything, we are still flashed from yesterday.

Kid from 3 rd grade and Teacher Mrs Wolf

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How much time should I take for the course and how long will the content be available to me?

To receive your official participation certificate, you have a three-month timeframe. We understand that certain topics may require more time to grasp thoroughly. That's why you will have access to the course materials, including all updates, for a generous period of 12 months. This extended access allows you the flexibility to revisit and review the content whenever you need.

Is the payment really secure? Available?

Payment is processed via the proven German payment provider DigiStore24.com. The entire payment process is encrypted and follows the highest security standards.

Will I receive an invoice? Can I deduct the course from taxes?

Immediately after your payment you will receive an invoice in PDF format from DigiStore24 (our payment provider). We are not allowed to provide tax advice, so please contact your tax advisor. However, we can say that this course has already been tax-deductible for many trainers and coaches as a training tool for professional purposes.